Can this really be true, does our generation not desire relationships?

As with any aspect of our life; traditional businesses, being a corporate employee, stagnant technology, earning potential and now relationships;

Millennials are a demand for things being done a new way!

Relationships are no different and we are calling for the relationships in our life to be about more than just the next step in “being an adult” with a house, family and dog. Or even more than just a search for a person that will fill some void or missing in our life.

Relationships as a whole; whether a  romantic, friendship or business in nature; are for learning and growth.

Now the question is growth in what?

This is growth in ourselves and understanding our individual purpose as well as an invitation to those around us to join with us to heal and transform society and the relationships that make it up.

millennial relationships

There is a transformation happening that is being called forth by our generation.

This is a call to usher in a new future and we will not stand by and have anyone else dictate it for us.

You can see this call happening even within the current government, the continuous advancement in technology, the food industry and our disregard for low vibration and nutritionally bankrupt foods, to now a transformation in relationships to be about purpose driven partnerships.

So, we are the generation that does relationships differently.

We are the generation that sees the unlimited potential when each of us are individually aligned with our true Selves & form a Purpose Driven Partnership.

relationship quotes

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