Why is this happening in our relationship? Should my friendships challenge me? How do I view this argument with my partner?

Especially during times that feel “hard,” “frustrating,” or “stagnant” we can lose sight of what relationships are for.

We are going to dive right into the answer: Relationships are for LEARNING.

Yes, we are even talking about friendships, work colleagues, business partners, our lovers, partners, kids.

Those times when we feel the relationship is full of conflict— yes, that is for learning.

Those times when your friend says something that triggers a deep emotion– yes, that is for learning.

Those times when your partner doesn’t seem to be showing you love in ways you desire–yes, that is for learning.

Watch this short video for more.

One viewer said this after watching the video: “I had no idea I could look at relationships like this. This is awesome!”

So what is a relationship is your life right now where you feel confronted or upset?

What is the lesson available to you in that relationship?

What is it teaching you about yourself? About life?

People are a MIRROR for us to see what we wouldn’t see otherwise.

Sometimes the mirror is showing us a BIG lesson that our soul asked for.

The lesson might feel hard at first, but there is something beautiful on the other side.

Wouldn’t our relationships look different to us if we saw them as beautiful ways to learn the MOST about ourselves?

Thank them for being your greatest teachers.

Cheers to Partnership!

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