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7 Habits for Successful Partnership

In your partnership, it is powerful to do a "family check-in" and see if you both feel your habits have set you up for success. The image below talks about 7 habits we've heard repeatedly [...]

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Meditation for all levels

Have you ever tried to meditate? We used to see the pictures of people meditating and think, "what on earth are they thinking about?!" "How do they even quiet their minds for that long?!" "Do [...]

Clarity: Seeing through life’s clutter

How clearly do you know your direction in life? People will ask us how we have evolved our life in so many ways over the last 3 years thinking it had to be some [...]

10 fun and healthy date ideas!

10 fun and healthy date ideas! Believe us, we love our movie and dinner nights. Laying on the couch after a delicious meal and watching a move is glorious... You know what we're talking about? [...]

Is there a right way to argue?

Do you fight to be right? Let's be real..... couples argue, right? Well that's what so many people call disagreements and even try to hide them. Some couples are ashamed of the [...]

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