Are you over the days of PUSH & HARD in your business?

I’m guessing there’s something inside of you that is READY for ease, peace and flow in your business.

Sure, businesses can be built with PUSH, but is that how you want to feel?

So, let’s dive into 5 Ways To Bring Ease Into Your Business:

  1. Know exactly who you are: So many of us waste energy trying to be people that we really aren’t. It’s exhausting and holds back real momentum because we are out of ALIGNMENT. Alignment is everything for there to be flow. So, be who you are–give up trying to be someone else or building a business like someone else.
  2. Know exactly who you want to work with: There are WAY too many people in the world to be working with people that do not resonate with your ideal customer type. Get super clean on what your ideal clients talks about, desires, values, works, collaborates and more. You get to choose who you work with, you might have forgotten that while trying to please everyone.
  3. Collaborate with Spirit: this cannot be emphasized enough– people keep business and Spirit separate. But why? Why would we keep Spirit (capable of all) outside of our business? Ease will flow into your business as you ASK to be guided, Surrender to the flow, and TAKE INSPIRED ACTION. Collaborate with the best business partner out there= Spirit. To learn more about how to tap into Spirit, read our guide to meditation. 
  4. Don’t begin work without first getting centered: Do you begin your day by looking at your phone? Or jumping right into email? The urge to get right into work is strong, but it really doesn’t benefit the business. You being centered/balanced/in harmony is the best gift you can give to your business. So start your morning with the things that make you FEEL the best: exercise, meditation, prayer, a walk outside, dancing. Anything that has you IN-SPIRIT= INSPIRED. Allowing ease into your business means shifting from “more time to more effectiveness.”
  5. Celebrate along the way: Being in business takes guts, courage, creativity, changing constantly–so celebrating along the way keeps you acknowledging yourself for that courage. What celebration would make you feel good? Is it a nice dinner out, a vacation, a new watch, a massage? Sure, there’s always more work that COULD be done, but if you neglect celebration you’ll be missing the point in life.

So which one of these resonates with you to immediately put in place?

Your business will thrive as YOU are thriving. Make sure to always check that there’s alignment in who you are, who your ideal customer is, how you start your day, how you celebrate and how you collaborate with Spirit.

ALIGNMENT in your business is everything.

Watch this short video for more.

One viewer said this after watching the video: “I am so ready to feel this kind of EASE in my life!”

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